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My Family

My family loves to bond over food. Here, we’re bonding over Thai food. It’s a bit strange not having both brothers around now. Rhyne is missing from these pictures as he lives in Texas. Jedd, the “baby” of the siblings is now in UCLA. Whenever we are all complete, meaning both brothers are here, my husband is here, we eat like mad.

It’s a great way to bond, although it’s a bit unfair I seem to be the only one gaining weight lol :P







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Day in the Park

I have a lot to learn about photography. Truth be told, I don’t even know all the things my camera does yet. But I do love learning.

The day this was taken I wanted to have a picnic in the park with Mina, who just loves picnics. I thought she’d run around and get herself tired. I don’t know about you, but I really like praising my daughter doing a good job with whatever she’s doing, while I’m sitting on a bench sipping a latte. That’s my preference.

This time around though, I had my camera and I wanted to catch images of her playing. But seriously, she found a girl who played actively and followed her around watching her. I had to coax her to actually DO THINGS. On the swing you’ll see her turned to the side because she was watching the little girl.

After a few minutes of coaxing, I gave up. I wanted her tired. I convinced her to run with me across the field, and once we got to the top, for her to jump so I could catch her mid-air..she couldn’t jump very high lol.


She took a few shots with my camera too. Got a stunning one of the sunset. Too bad my head was in the way.

Fun times. She never does anything I expect. I’ve had to let go of a LOT of expectations. Motherhood is surprising in that way, and never a dull moment.

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Labor Day Musings

It’s only 7 PM my time and I’m exhausted. I’m not even sure from WHAT. Woke up and cooked M brekkie, went to the store and bought a few things, had lunch, sat in the back of a car to drive 35 mins to Del Mar and walk around for an hour. Shopped, did groceries, cooked dinner, gave M a bath, put her to bed and now I”m typing this.

Here’s what’s for dinner:

I’m doing something called Mina Meals series. This one happens to be organic panko breaded chicken, organic broccoli w parm cheese and heart rice :)

More from the series:

I’m not sure what all is exhausting. Maybe just life. I heard of a diet called the Paleo diet which is basically a vegan diet. It is supposed to give you just so much more energy. I’d like more energy without going Vegan. *yawn* that’s all I got.

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Meals for Mina

This is one of the meals I prepared for Mina. I bought the plate to make her meals more visually appealing and also to help remind me that there are spaces for all food groups. That’s chicken strips, broccoli with cheese, rice, blueberries and ketchup. She ate almost all of it except…the rice! lol Daddy would approve.

mina's lunch

Originally uploaded on Instagram

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