Just for Kids

I have just joined in for 2005 Bow for Kids’ Sake – An even benefiting Big Brothers and Sisters and WB33 Kids Fund.

Basically, I need to raise a minimum of $100 before April 30th and then I can go to the fundraising bowling event! I have always wanted to volunteer especially when it comes with children. I may not be able to volunteer but at least I can donate. Right now all I need are pledges. If you can give me the following information, you can be billed later by Big Brothers and Sister.

For more info, please visit: http://www.bbbsnt.org/BFKS05/index.html

Information I need:

1. Sponsor Name, Complete St. Address, City/state/zip, daytime phone#, email addy, pledge amt. in dollars.

2. You may email this information at tintin[at]gmail[dot]com.

3. For those in foreign land, don’t be afraid to pledge. Even 5 Euros, 56 pesos would be fine.

Please, please, please any small amount would help.

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  1. Sign me up, Tin! All for a good cause. I’ll email you the details.

  2. April, you are a dear. Thanks!

  3. Hey, another Good Samaritan in you. Wish I could help you out. You’ll have my prayers though.

  4. thanks tim!

  5. I tried to sponsor you online but your name didn’t come up. Put me down for $25.

  6. ok.. that’s BOWL for kids right? not BOW? hehehe i didn’t get it the first time i read it :p

    i’d like to help.. i love kids and helping them out.. but right now i just lost my phone and had to get another one so we kinda stretched the budget already..

    i’ll see and catch up with you before the 30th (4 days from now) and check how my bank accounts are going :)

    but good luck and God bless yah! :)

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