Just because I’m married, Is it wrong of me to lust after this?…

The Canon PowerShot A510.

Why, what were you thinking, you saucy minx?

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  1. Aaaayy! My virgin eyes!! Heheh! :lol:

  2. uuuyyyyyy, nice! kala ko you were lusting after a celebrity hottie! hee! :grin:

  3. wow! nice gadget! i’m from houston. where are you in texas?

  4. april: sorry to corrupt you!

    christine: i think my hubby is sexier! :razz:

    paz: I’m in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area unfortunately.Sayang!

  5. that’s so easy to TURN ON.

    hehe. thats a descendant of my present 3-year old digicam. grab it!

  6. :heartbeat:that’s what I call sexy!

  7. Junnie: that’s punny! :grin: I am thinking about it. Only $186 in!

    jo: isn’t it though? Grrrrowwll! HAHA!

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! was thinkig of a cover spread of a blueboy magazine:grin:

  9. precisely because you’re married that you have to get this one! happy clicking! :grin:

  10. This is HOT! I wanna have it,too!bwehehe

  11. go for it, tin! looks cool!

  12. hilarious intro…

    cool camera though. and it’s not too pricey. i’m in the market for a small digi-cam as well. i don’t need anything fancy. anything you can recommend?

    have a good weekend by the way!

  13. I was expecting a different kind of eyecandy! haha

    buy it na!

  14. Saweet! I have Canon Elph S330 which is ancient now but it’s been a super camera. It’s small and light enough to take up on climbs and since I’ve already had it for several years, I wouldn’t feel too terrible about dropping or damaging it. I’ll just upgrade to what you’re showing!

    The Canon’s are great cameras. I definitely recommend them. I’ve done way too much online shopping lately (remember, I just bought that laptop for

  15. jing: blueball magazine? oh blueboy! :razz: hi girl!

    ruth: I know. I should indulge.

    CHeh: Hello there! Get one. Its one of the best reviewed cameras in its class.

    tin: I’ll tell my husband you said it was ok. Heheh.

    kat: The one above is the one I recommend. Whatever you do you go with, I would get a Canon.

    AnP: hubby might get jealous. decided to be safe.

    michelle: that’s a good idea with you cam. Not too high-maintenance. I’ll keep you guys posted.

  16. oh darn! and i thought i was gonna see a naked brad pitt in here! lol!

  17. the category gave you away, hehehe. i read technology and gadgets and that’s why i knew it had to be a gizmo toy. :lol:

    i would soooo love to replace my 3.1 megapixels no-zoom fuji with a beauty like that!!!

  18. :oops: You got me! Nice blog and I also enjoyed the one with the pictures of wooden trucks. Will link you, ok?

  19. toni: Brad Pitt is yummy but unattainable. :smile:

    anonymous: very clever. I should have kept it under the default category and then changed it later!

    bugsybee: thanks for visiting and I’d be honored to be linked. :grin:

  20. oh my.. we’ve been lusting on the same one.. hahhaah

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