Candelaria, Quezon

Candelaria was the scene of many childhood summers for me. Back then, to the younger me, it was an escape from school, the hustle and bustle of the city and from rules! Especially if I visited just by myself, and my aunts/uncles/parents had to go back to the city to work, many adventures awaited me.

My world was so small back then. “Candelaria” in my mind, was made up of only the street where my grandparents lived, the church and the school close by (Lady Mediatrix Institute) and the burger joint called Busy Bee. My daily routine revolved mainly on my street though. Lived and played (titser-titseran in the big dirty kitchen at the back) and ate in my grandparents , bought snacks at the sari-sari store across the street, visited my grand-aunt’s house two doors down, and my small cousins across the street.

My how it’s changed!

My street is smaller than I remembered, the place is now as busy as the city with pesky tricycles everywhere, there’s nomore sari-sari store across the street, no more Busy Bee hamburger joint, no more small cousins Brian and Karl across the street.

The house is different as well. My grandparents are no longer there. My aunt, the aunt who helped raise me when I was little, now lives there with her husband and three adorable kids. The vibe is different and I can hardly believe this is the same house. The dirty kitchen’s been torn down, the kitchen has been remodeled, gleaming, beautifully new.

I didn’t take much pictures. I was enjoying family. My little cousins did a dance routine for us on our first day there. Woody got the manicure and pedicure (for dirt cheap) that was on his list of things to do while in Philippines. Then Woody and I trekked to Lucena’s SM Mall and got a full hour couple’s body massage, facial and foot spa for $20 each!

By the way, my dad said his masseur asked if he wanted his ding-dong massaged. Ahem. I’m glad I was with Woody!

We also visited my grandparents’ grave. Miss them so much, but especially my grandmother. I often wonder if Mommy is so content and that’s why she never visits me in my dreams…

Up next, dancing kings, queens, and kids…my family LOVES to dance and how!

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  1. pileth alcantara

    ang galing naman ng mga teachers natin di tyo binigo,mga ma’am at sir na umattend po ng TWA batch ’84 reunion thks po!….wish you all good health and all the good luck!!! We love you po….kyo po ang naging kasangkapan nmin para magtagumpay……

  2. yair christopher alcantara yretrino

    idol na idol ko si mommy ko, pileth ang pangalan kc ang bait!lagi ko na lamang narinig sa phone pag may mga kausap….ok friend….take care,good luck and GOD bless US! sa akin naman laging ang sabi “anak i love you” MOMMY SANA HUWAG KANANG BUMALIK SA ABROAD idol kita talaga..

  3. WOW!! thanks its fun and sad to reminisce about the past..
    but your story made me think of how i was growing up in Candelaria nagaral ako sa public school annex 1-2 ako nkaka relate ako sa tricycle,sa palamig sa kalsada, sa mga simpleng bagay na nagpapasaya samin nung elementary life… busybee oo nga nkalimutan ko na ang ngiisang sikat na fastfood sa candelaria nuon…
    highschool LMI… isawan, puntang sioland haha,inuman sa palapaan, later my jollibee na chowking… 7/11 n din…
    hay ang dami n ngang pagbabago.. Pero wala p ding papalit sa simpleng buhay nung bata pa kami,, maglaro ng tagutaguan,patintero halos araw araw meplano kming laro… pupuntang ilog swimming tapos merienda paguwe…. buti na lng at inabutan ko yung generation na yun… mabuhay sa mga taga candelaria!!!!

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