Say that again?

As Woody spoke to his dentist’s assistant over the phone, I was lying in bed, half-reading, half-listening to the conversation. Ah, I could relax, the confusion over his scheduled appointment was cleared up.

“Ok,”Woody says into the phone. “Thanks, Baby.”

No, we’re not in Philippines folks, and the nickname Baby isn’t common here, so I sat up, incredulous.

“Why the heck are you calling someone else baby?!”

He looks at me oddly. Then his face clears up, then starts laughing.

“What I said was, Thanks, Debbie.

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  1. hehehe.. why are you hard of hearing??? you know what they say about people who can’t hear straight *wink*

  2. …yeah, they said they need more sex.

    or something like that…


  3. Oh don’t worry about it. That happens to me a lot. Ask Jay… hehehe

  4. hahahaha..natawa ko :)

  5. Hahaha nagselos ka ba bigla? ;)

  6. funny!

    baby and debbie sounds the same anyway ;)

  7. hahahaha nakakapraning :-D

    jelly fish (aka selos) ;-)

  8. hehe..that is funny. maybe you were tired?

  9. Heh, I’m wondering what you were reading?!

  10. Haha, funny. Ano kaya nangyari kong talagang sinabi ni Woody …”baby”.

    That was hilarious.

  11. hahaha jelly bean jk

  12. Maybe he’s a Moroccan bisaya and said Daybie. :)

  13. Hi Tin!! It’s been soooo long that I’m happily enjoying all the entries that I missed.

    haha selos ka naman agad eh! but that’s happened to me already.. and at that point of realization, i’m red with mixed emotions.. tapos.. false alarm pala. ;)

    I’m glad to ‘read’ that you’re doing so well! Take care.

  14. Hello all. My husband is a flirt eh. Well, that’s his natural inclination, so just wanted to make sure he wasn’t flirting with the dentist’s assistant! LOL.

    Toe: verrrry funny comment!

  15. This post is hilarious! :-) :-) :-)

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