What do I do with myself?

A lot of people seem to have a fascinating life on blog. They go to this and that party full of fashionable people, hop to another country (if they live in Europe) over the wekeend, experience fine-dining, stress out over their thesis, etc. Sounds so fascinating to me.

I began to wonder, if I were to chronicle what I DID as opposed to what I THOUGHT, what would I find? I haven’t really given it much thought before. So I decided to chronicle this past week. Hope I don’t bore myself to tears (though I am afraid I probably will).


Wake up groggily to say good-bye to Woody. Wake up about two hours later to get ready for work. Either grab a cereal bar, drink soy-milk or have cereal with soy-milk.

I’m off to work. 35 minutes later I’m at work. Talk talk talk. Ooh, 11 am: off phone time; yes! Back to the phones but I haven’t taken my break yet, so break time first. Socialize, socialize, back on phone. Talk talk talk. Yawn, boring. Then…Lunch time! Eat munch, walk around outside then go back inside building before I melt from the 100F degree + weather. Off phone time, work, work, reports, reports, blah blah. Oh back to talking to clients again. 5 pm. Almost time to get off work. But first, another break. Beso beso, chika chika. 6:30 pm…TIME TO LEAVE!

Am home, promised self to eat healthy, low-calorie something but eat hubby’ yummy concoction instead. Monday I believe it was Thai chicken curry, and his own creation Thai tilapia curry. With rice of course. At least I was able to stay away from the ice cream.

Ah yes, I remember I threw a tantrum because I asked Woody to eat with me on the dining room table and not watch House. Instead he watches tv show. I pouted throughout dinner.

Stalked off to the computer room, he dragged me to the bedroom to talk. I pour my heart out. Cry a bit. Okay, all good. He promises to eat with me without the TV on from now on.

We watch some Will & Grace eps, part of my brother’s DVD collection. Bum around in the computer room while he takes care of some paper work. Before I know it it’s time to sleep. Hubby kisses me good night and I follow about 1 or two hours later, at usually 1 or 2 am. Depends on what I find to interest me on the net. Bad wife. It’s shameful.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The dinner changes, Woody and I don’t get upset with each other some days, but everything else is pretty much the same.

On Thursday, we did something different. Woody works on some applications and bugs me on how to fill it out while I start studying my GMAT book. I was so irritable. I couldn’t even get a simple division sample question right.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Attended a seminar. All day on the weekends. Ate out 4 times because of this. Egads!

They were so good though.

Friday Night dinner was Beef Pho, Chicken fried Chicken for lunch on Saturday (a variation of chicken fried steak, a Southern thing), Mongolian grill on Sunday lunch and then Italian for Sunday dinner.

I noticed there were no exciting parties anywhere in that schedule. Why am I not surprised.

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  1. Tin, if you find your life unexciting, I wonder what word you’d use for mine. :) I can’t even write about it because there’s absolutely NOTHING. But that doesn’t mean we have nothing to blog about. :)

  2. oddly familiar.. oh it’s my life too! hahahaa! yeah i know you mean. Gotta eat dinner together. Other time i cried ’cause i made food tapos he left for the gym and I waited for like an hour for him before we could have dinner together. hehehe!

    hay nako married life.. ups and downs but thank God for the people we married huh? :-p

    Girl at least you have work.. I can’t work yet. ARGH!

  3. hmmm.. i wonder how mine would turn out…

    monday and wednesday: home all day! clean, cook, take care of kids, separate them when they fight, laundry, vacuum/mop, blog, chat with some friends, watch tv…

    tuesday: took son for blood test and haircut, bought some grocery items… on our way home, drop by the park to play… and all the above…

    today, thursday, clean off the stain in the carpet, going to the grocery later, and all the above again…

  4. trust me, tin, our schedule is somewhat similar – eat, work, watch tv, surf the net, sleep (with fights in between). party invites, yes – but no partying all the time!

  5. i get like that sometimes… but it’s up to us to make what we do as fun as possible.

    cheer up, woman! you’re not alone in your sentiments. you just have to find a way to spin things around so they don’t seem as bad.

  6. Everyone is more interesting… and with a week like that, you more so than others… really! :)

  7. I love the little tampo part, hehehe! If I chronicle my week the way you chronicled yours, everyone reading my blog would fall asleep. I don’t even have a job!

  8. everyday is an exciting day…di mo lang pansin kasi parang lagi. but one part of any day is surely something different from the past. :)

  9. Gee- you beat me to it- it seems that i am reading my own blog! just tonight hubby had a trantrum just because i told him off to wipe his spill- though i must admit that i nagged a big- but he has this bad habit of getting angry when he made a mistake instead of saying ‘sorry’ and fixing it. He got me at the wrong time as I haven’t had dinner yet so- explosion! he walked out and it was a good time to blog hop- without feeling guilty (LOL)

  10. in fact, everybody has this ‘daily itinerary’, . if i list down mine, it will be somewhat like yours + bath time, dinner time, diaper change time etc etc pour my little bunny. in fact, i feel like in an old couple sometimes, less excitement, less adventures, less everything..

    this might surprise you but i find your life exciting hehe..really!

  11. i think unless you’re some sort of party planner, PR person, industry person, or paris hilton –you’re not going to go to a party every night. and who would want to? i noticed that since we get older, our penchant for partying declines (unless you’re single and want to stay in the game! lol!). the last time i went out, i had 3 drinks and had a headache for the next 2 days!

  12. Tin, that’s pretty much the daily routine of a decent and normal person. Imagine the daily routine of other people who are jobless. Although in as much as possible, I don’t compare my life to others because I know that if I do that, I always find myself not content of what I have and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will miss out the serenity and joy of living a simple life.

  13. … and life goes on…

    I have a pretty routinary life, Tin. I guess we all do. And that makes the out-of-the-ordinary events in our lives that make them so interesting. There is no better way than living a simple life.

  14. natawa ako sa entry mo, tin. pero fear not. You are not alone. i find my days to be like yours, except for the working part. so can you imagine that? hehehehe

  15. ah but we don’t need those parties to make our lives exciting! hehehe. anyway, we have similar days!

  16. This is what we call…real life.

    Look back…

    it is a great life!

  17. your friday night dinner sounded great!! Mmmmm

  18. I used to think my life was boring until I think of all the chaos that has surpassed. Thank goodness for calm and stability!

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