Invite your monsters to tea

As told to me (and now I will muddle the story) by a brilliant and empowering Transformational Trainer, Sylvia B.:

There was once a man who had to deal with many monsters in his house. He tried valiantly to vanquish them. He fought, stamped them out, and while a lot of them were successfully vanquished, there were some that stubbornly remained. No matter how much he resisted them, fought them, still they remained. Until suddenly, he realized that these monsters were the monsters in his head, manifested. The monstrous voices that said I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I am not loved, I am ugly….and on, and on and on. And so he thought, I will invite them to tea. And he did.

There will always be these negative voices in your head. You thought that because you accomplished this one thing or another, you have moved on from these monsters. But there they appear. What do you do?

Invite them to tea.

What you resist persist, but if you sit down with them, talk to them, make peace with them, they will then leave for you to do what you need to do, until it’s time for tea again.

I have noticed this about human beings. We are too worried about what to say. We are too worried about being right. We are too worried about how we’re gonna look. Do you know the most liberating thing I have learned recently? That if we talk from the heart, we can say nothing wrong. It takes practice, but I’m learning how powerful speaking from the heart can be.

Do you know how powerful it is to be responsible for everything? To own that nothing anyone ever does, or say, affects you? You can choose how you want it to affect you. And I declare, I am responsible 100% for everything around me, and specifically, for the relationships I have. I promise you, my loved one, that nothing you can do can ever change my love for you. I will make it work. I will be responsible.

Do you know how powerful it is to be true to yourself? Speak your truth, your mind, your heart, your desires, your disappointments. Denying truth is like pretending that you’re not hurting when you leave blood spatters all over the place from old wounds. Speak and it will heal. There is nothing more powerful than being true and being from the heart.

Peace. I source peace.

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  1. I was a people pleaser but i realised that the more popular people were those that pleased themselves and they don’t seem to care what others say/do/think. I also observed that I became a push-over and some people had taken advantage of my ‘good nature’ so to speak. Then I decided to be myself which is actually a not so pleasant person(a bit sarcastic at times) and people started relating to me and paying more attention as I express some negative stuff…weird people….but basically i am nice hehe!

  2. hi tin! this is such a great post.

    “There is nothing more powerful than being true and being from the heart.” –> sooo true.

    btw, nice new layout. :)

  3. Nice posting tin!Sad thing is, only few of us are actually willing to shout to the world’ hey, you hurt my feelings,I’m sad,I’m frustrated, I’m oh soo soo disappointed.. and …and..We’re still ‘shy’ to openly express our unpleasant emotions even, we sometimes badly need to express them.It is a product of social being you see ‘we’re taught to be like that’.Such feelings might seem manipulative but as rule of thumb (agreeing with you) follow your heart! and listen to your mind,as well;)

  4. nice entry tin! well said. “There is nothing more powerful than being true and being from the heart.” So many people are fond of pretending acting like somebody when in fact a “nobody”.

  5. I need to invite those monsters who let me drive to the wrong place to a cup of tea! LOL.

  6. Hi tin! nice post! luckily, i don’t have a lot of hang-ups in life. these monsters find me “too boring” so they very seldom visit me. as in “wala silang napapala”.

    acceptance is the key. we have to stay positive despite the negativity around us. trying to be somebody we are not, as well as comparing ourselves to other people are all too time consuming and can suck the life out of us.

    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference.”

    and oh by the way, i don’t drink tea so can i invite them for coffee instead? and then i’ll pour the boiling cup of coffee to that pinay i mentioned in my post ;-)

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