Almusal is Tagalog for breakfast.  I usually have yogurt or cereal for breakfast. I know, boring.  Woody, back when he had an 8-5 job, used to be gone long before I would wake for breakfast.  (For the record, he left at 7:00 a.m.  Mina used to wake at 8 am.  Oh those were the days!).  Since he quit his job, he had a week free before starting his temporary position with the army until he goes to boot camp.  Let me just say, I enjoyed the breakfasts he cooked!  This one is Woody’s fried rice and ham:


He’s back at work now.  His time’s a lot more flexible too.  We’re kind of getting on each other’s nerves. Is that bad? :)

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  1. getting on each other’s nerves is not bad. it’s normal! haha

    I wish simon can cook for me too…the best he can do is to make me coffee! :-)

  2. looks yummy!

    agree with christine, getting on each other’s nerve is normal. there’ll be days when you’d wish he’d go to the “field” (training), only to ache for him when he’s gone.

  3. Wow did his eating/cooking standards get relaxed? I’m surprised he cooked something fried!

  4. Good question Lissa. No he actually took one bit of this. He cooked it for me. But he did proceed to eat Nuttela on toast. Sweets are his weakness.

  5. Hi Tin! How are you doin? That almusal looks really good. :D

  6. Hmmm, that looks good. More like a Filipino breakfast – fried rice and eggs. I miss salted fish, red eggs with plenty of tomatoes and onions and fried rice. Haaay.

  7. How sweet of him to make you breakfast. My hub doesn’t hehe. But yes, we do get into each other’s nerves too. I guess that’s what happens when you’re both not used to being with each other the whole day. :)

  8. Hi Tin! i haven’t visited this site i don’t think since you moved, if i did i don’t remember. wow, Woody has enlisted? ooh hah! i was always curious about military wives; i imagine that it’s tough to be one as tough as it to be in the military. congratulations, Woody!!!!

    oh, nutella used to be a staple in our pantry. if you cut my kids, they’d bleed nutella. it’s sooo good, but nutella on toast is just as bad if not worse than fried rice with ham. id eat the fried rice with ham, thank you, Woody. if you read the nutella content, it has high fructose corn syrup which contrary to the ads they are airing out right now, it’s still bad even if you eat it in moderation because almost all the food out there if not all is laced with HFCS, and worse of all it contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil, which is like plastic. i am told that natural food is easily broken down by our body than the artificial crap we eat. im really not a food nut or some guru or some crap like that, i guess im just trying to justify why i am not eating nutella anymore….cause it used to be my fave….and it’s sad we it had to end, LOL. i am not telling you not to eat nutella anymore, though. id munch on hazelnuts, hehe. xoxo

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